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Job Title: Instrumentation Engineer - Middle East - More Instrumentation Engineer - Middle East Jobs

Location: Outside US
Job Description:

Maintain all company owned and operated instrumentation equipment in accordance 
with Grey Wolf policy;
Train electrical maintenance staff in instrumentation equipment maintenance;
Train drilling crew in the correct operation and use of rig instrumentation systems;
Assist in development and maintainance of core instrumentation specifications, 
department procedures and required codes and standards as applicable;
Install and maintain instrumentation equipment on the rig, including but not limited 
to drilling rig control systems (e.g. Amphion), safety systems, PLC's, fire & gas 
detection equipment, CCTV systems and transmitters;
Read and interpret schematic diagrams, as well as prepare drawings for new designs 
and or modifications to existing equipment;
Coordinate with the Chief Electrician on checking of equipment requirements & 
deliverables for new projects and installations;
Coordinate with other disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and operations;
Perform observations of systems and record conditions; take and verify 
Share job knowledge and experience with other maintenance and drill crew members 
to help develop, train, and enhance the skill-set of all team members;
Assist with departmental developments that contribute to improving processes and 
information sharing;
Work towards becoming fully compliant and competent in the use of the RigMS 
preventive maintenance system;
Monitor the operational performance of the company’s equipment and identify areas 
for improvement;
Participate in the creation and review of all operational, technical and safety bulletins 
as requested;
Ensure that all equipment is properly used and maintained by the rig operating 
personnel and, where applicable, monitor crew members in the proper use and care of 
instrumentation equipment;
Oversee the utilization of instrumentation equipment to minimize non-productive 
time (NPT);
Collect and reporting daily all maintenance activities, status and incidents in his 
area of responsibility to Chief Electrician;
Maintain the TMMDE register that indicates the inspection and certification dates of 
all gauges, meters and instruments on the rig that require periodic inspection; 
Manage, direct and support the functional activities by assisting to prepare 
requisitions for instrumentation equipment and supplies; and,
Assists Chief Electrician with repair and maintenance of rig equipment as required.
Skills & Qualifications:
Previous work experience in land drilling operations is required;
Must be fluent with written and spoken English;
Excellent communication skills are required;
Able to work in multi-cultural environments, and problem-solve through difficult 
situations; and,
Possess strong computer skills.
Education & Experience:
Engineering Degree in Instrumentation
Minimum 5 Years Work Experience in Instrumentation Systems

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Salary Range: