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Job Title: Sr. Piping Engineer - More Sr. Piping Engineer Jobs

Location: CA - Fremont
Job Description:

Sr. Piping Engineer
The objective of this position is to provide company Roofing Group Manufacturing 
Facilities with Engineering Design and Project Management Services. It is the intent 
of the Senior Principal Project Engineer to be team leader on major capital projects 
to produce roofing products. In addition this position will be responsible for 
maintaining the state of the art in roofing technology at the RPG facilities. It is 
expected that this position will take the lead in developing new and innovative 
processes for roofing.
Duties / Responsibilities
30% Manage project team resources to complete projects on time and meet or 
exceed the objectives of the project
20% Control and monitor project finances to insure that spending remains within the 
approvals of the project.
10% Develop and maintain project schedules for review with project team, plant 
management, corp. management, outside fabricators and field contractors.
5% Interface with all local, state, and federal agencies as their interests may arise 
in the
course of a project.
15% Conduct preliminary engineering studies, option analyses, and AIR preparation 
on major capital projects.
20% Develop new and unique equipment to be used to improve the roofing 
manufacturing process, and aid in the manufacture of the new products.

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